Applied Judaism

by Tehilla Lichtenstein

This collection of essays speaks to the best in Jewish learning and living. With section headings like “Self Realization,” “Human Relationships,” “Healing,” “Visualization” and others, each chapter is a poetic lesson we can apply to our everyday lives. APPLIED JUDAISM explains in simple terms how to overcome negative experiences and thinking, and live a joyful, optimistic, and serene life.

ISBN 0-943745-08-X | Printed in Jerusalem, Israel; 605 Pages, Paperback

Applied Judaism book cover

Jewish Science and Health

by Rabbi Morris Lichtenstein

This foundational text reveals the basis and method of Jewish Spiritual Healing. With its brilliant selection of excerpts from the Tanach, the Talmud and other traditional Jewish sources, it teaches how to live, what to avoid and what to follow in our quest for health and happiness. This book is filled with affirmations and meditations, and many outstanding and moving essays on understanding God, our relationship with God, and our role together in seeking a life of calmness, peace, health, and happiness. Jewish Science and Health will inspire you to return to its pages and guidance again and again.

ISBN 0-943745-00-4 | Printed in the U.S.A., 334 Pages, Hardcover

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Controlling your nerves. (#008)

CD: Peace of Mind

Various Prayers for various needs (#002)

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