“God has two attributes: Creativity and Goodness.” Our programming explores those Divine qualities and how you can tap into them to improve your life.

Spiritual Judaism 101 

Pain is inevitable … but suffering is optional. Spiritual Judaism helps us forge a relationship with the Divine, so we have the tools to find peace, joy, courage, and health in our daily lives. As Rabbi Morris Lichtenstein wrote, the Source of Goodness dwells within us. Realizing that truth drives out fear, anxiety, stress, and negativity. Our Building Blocks course provides insights and techniques to develop an affirmative, positive outlook on life and the challenges that arise. Each program in the Building Blocks series applies Makor’s signature approach to affirmative prayer to real-life circumstances—relationships, finances, personal goals, health, work, and more.

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Explore Your Creativity

What better way to feel in the flow of Divine creativity than to spend time with others who are actually doing it? Our weekly cultural programs invite authors, artists, historians, musicians, award-winning films, and others to expand your thinking and give you fresh perspective. Just watch as the creative channels open up in your own life!

Here’s just a sampling of the programs MAKOR has hosted:

Secret Jews of Calabria

Max Alvarez – Hollywood’s Blacklist

Karol Ward – Cultivating Your Inner Wisdom


Even Miller

Cherise Klebanov

Tom Miller—Exceptional Buildings, Exceptional Stories

Exodus: Gods and Men

Kim Kalesti – Thoughts Are Seeds

Stuart Nachimias

John Freeman Gill—The Gargoyle Hunters

Max Alvarez – The Media in Film & TV

Efren Olivares

The Women’s Balcony

Rabbi Benjamin Shalva – Ambition Addiction

Kim Kalesti

Broadway Musicals: A Jewish Legacy







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