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What Makes MAKOR Different

Makor מקור [muh-CORE] n. Def.: source, spring, fountain [Hebrew]

For nearly 100 years, MAKOR has helped Jews from all denominations and practices gain a deeper understanding of the essential teachings within Judaism, and use them to achieve health, serenity, success, and peace of mind. Our Shabbat synagogue services use a unique mix of meditation and affirmative prayer to connect with our Divine Source (“makor”) and fellow spiritual travelers. And we’re proud of our early history of women’s leadership, dating from 1922 when Tehilla Lichtenstein co-founded MAKOR’s as “The Society of Jewish Science” with her husband, Rabbi Morris Lichtenstein.

What is Prayer in Jewish Science?

The Society of Jewish Science was founded over one hundred years ago by Rabbi Morris and Tehilla Lichtenstein. Its purpose is to help people attain spiritual and physical wellness through meditation, visualization, and affirmative prayer. These methods were used by the sages and prophets of our tradition in biblical times, and they are just as effective today.


In Jewish Science we understand God as the Divine Mind, and we believe that the power of God’s presence lives inside of every person.  We are assured that whenever we are in need of healing in any way, we can always call upon that power to help


Star of David


Star of David

Begin and end each day with a period of silent meditation. Sit comfortably and take several deep breaths. I your mind’s eye, envision the areas where healing needs to take place. This may be for yourself or others. Imagine health in some concrete form surrounding the afflicted area. Hold these thoughts for several minutes. You might continue by reciting the following affirmations:


1. The God consciousness in me expresses itself in Health, in Calmness, in Peace, in Power and in Happiness.

2. I am calm and cheerful; I hate no one; I envy no one; there is no worry or fear in me. I trust in God all the time.

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