Healing the Distressed


By By Rabbi Steven J. Kaplan

This book, a revised version of the original text by Rabbi Morris Lichtenstein: Cures for Minds in Distress, discusses the psychological understanding, and Jewish Science (religious) approach as methods in the process of healing. The reader can explore chapters on “Anxiety and Phobias,” “Obsessions And Compulsions,” “The Depressed Person,” “The Mind-Body Connection,” “Insomnia,” “The Golden Years” and others whose challenges they relate to. Healing the Distressed concerns itself primarily with mental and emotional ailments and their restoration to a healthy state in the individual. Rabbi Kaplan, who also has a background in Clinical Psychology, has done well in making a difficult, original text understandable, contemporary and readable.

  • ISBN 0-943745-03-9
  • Printed in the U.S.A.
  • 222 Pages, Hardcover
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