Jewish Science and Health


The Textbook of Jewish Science
By Rabbi Morris Lichtenstein

This is a brilliant text, both in its wording and in its selection of excerpts from our traditional Jewish writings: the Tanach, the Talmud and others. It reveals the basis and method of Spiritual Healing, it teaches how to live, what to avoid and what to follow in our quest for health and happiness. This book is filled with affirmations and meditations, selected readings from the Sacred Scriptures, and a multitude of outstanding if not moving writings on understanding G-d, the human G-d relationship, and our role together in seeking the perfect life. This book of study will inspire you to return to its pages and guidance again and again.

  • ISBN 0-943745-00-4
  • Printed in the U.S.A.
  • 334 Pages, Hardcover
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