Society of Jewish Science Kabbalat Shabbat Hybrid Service 3/22/24 – 7:00pm

Parshah Vayikra 2024

This week we are starting the book of Leviticus. The Torah portion, “Vayikra,” means “And [G-d] called.” The chapter begins as G-d calls to Moses from the Ohel Moed, Tent of Meeting, that had a cloud hovering over it by day and fire by night. G-d communicates the laws of the animal and meal offerings brought into the Sanctuary. The offerings include the “ascending offering” called Olah, the “meal offering” called minchah, the “peace offering” called shelamin, and other types of “sin offering” called chatat that are brought to atone for transgressions committed accidentally by the high priest, the king, the community, or the ordinary Jew.

  • Is there any relationship between the cloud and pillar of fire hovering over Mt Sinai when the 10 commandments are being given and later on over the Tabernacle in the midst of the camp?

  • Why does the story shift from talking about the presence of G-d in the tabernacle to focusing on various offerings?

  • Since we live in a time when there is no tabernacle for the spirit of G-d and no altar for sacrifices, does this portion have anything to teach us in 2024?

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