Society of Jewish Science Kabbalat Shabbat 6/21/24 – 7pm

Society of Jewish Science
Kabbalat Shabbat

Friday, June 21, 2024 – 7:00PM

(Hybrid Service – in person/Zoom)

Parshah Behaalotecha

The name of this week’s Parshah, “Behaalotecha,” means “When you raise” and it is found in Numbers 8:2.  Here Aaron is commanded to raise light in the lamps of the menorah, and the Levites are initiated to serve in the Tabernacle.  Also, the observance of a second Passover is granted by G-d because a group of Jews were ritually impure and unable to observe the mitzvah of Passover.  When petitioning G-d, they asked. “Why should we be deprived?”

G-d outlines the procedures regarding Israel’s wilderness journey and their formation when traveling and encamping in the desert, as they leave Mount Sinai (where they had been camped for nearly a year).  Moses’s sister, Miriam, speaks negatively of Moses and is punished with leprosy.   Moses prays for Miriam’s healing while the entire community waits seven days for her recovery.

There are many themes in this weeks Torah portion.  A few of them are:

  • Aaron being commanded to raise the menorah lights.

  • Jews who were unable to observe Passover asking why they should be left out of the blessing.

  • G-d describing how the Israelites are to travel and encamp after Mount Sinai.

  • Miriam speaking badly about Moses, falling ill, and then being healed after Moses prays for her healing.

Do these themes relate to one another?  If so, how?  What are the lessons we can learn from them?  How do they apply to us in our daily lives?  Come join us tonight and let’s get into it!

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