Society of Jewish Science Kabbalat Shabbat 4/12/24 – 7pm

Society of Jewish Science Kabbalat Shabbat

Friday, April 12, 2024 – 7:00PM

(Hybrid Service – in person/Zoom)

Parshah Tazria

This week’s Torah portion Tazria, which means “conceives”, is found in Leviticus 12:1–13:59. Here we continue discussing the laws of “tumah v’taharah”, ritual impurity and purity.

The parshah begins by explaining that a woman who has given birth must go through a process of purification, which includes immersion in a mikvah (a naturally gathered pool of water) and bringing offerings to the Holy Temple. Then, there is the discussion of tzara’at (typically mistranslated as leprosy) which is a supra-natural plague that presents as a white or pink patch that appears on a person’s skin, garments, or homes.

A kohen (priest) examines the tzara’at to determine if the person is clean or unclean and proclaim it to be tamei (impure) or tahor (pure). A person afflicted with tzara’at must be quarantined and remain alone outside of the community until healed.

  • What does “conceiving” and giving birth have to do with impurity and purity?

  • Is there any connection between “conceiving” and tzara’at?

  • Why can’t one who has tzara’at (and is impure) quarantine inside their home rather than outside the community?

  • Do any of these things relate to us in our daily lives?

Please join us this Shabbat and join the discussion. We hope to see you there!

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