Kabbalat Shabbat Online with The Makor Center — August 21st!

Wander no more. Join our online Friday night Shabbat service and enjoy the peace of Shabbat community from the safety of your home!

About this Event

The pandemic has kept a lot of us isolated from the people and communities that give us strength.

Our online Friday night Shabbat service gives you an easy way to get restored, refreshed, and reconnected after a challenging week.


For nearly 100 years, MAKOR has helped Jews from all denominations and practices gain a deeper understanding of the essential teachings within Judaism … and use them to achieve health, serenity, success, and peace of mind. Our Shabbat services use a unique mix of meditation and affirmative prayer to connect with our Divine Source (“makor”) and fellow spiritual travelers.

The Makor Center for Spiritual Judaism is located in the midtown/Murray Hill section of Manhattan, near the bustling area of Grand Central Terminal. We provide an oasis for Jewish spiritual travelers in an area normally known for its hard-edged commerce and activity. For more, visit https://www.MakorCenter.org

We are holding this service via ZOOM. Call-in instructions will be given upon registration.

There is no fee to join us. Donations are gratefully accepted at https://www.Makorcenter.org/donate

If you are interested in registering, please use the link below: