Affirmation of the Week: “If you give your friends…

“If you give your friends all the most precious gifts in the world, but do so with a long face, you will be regarded as having given nothing at all. But if you greet your friends with a cheerful face, even if you give them nothing at all, it is as though you have given them the most precious gifts in the world.” (Shammai)

How to Use This Week’s Affirmation

Healing comes when our soul is at peace.

MAKOR’s approach to spiritual healing is a simple 3-step process of affirmative prayer.

Step 1:  Recognize God’s presence by calming your body and your breathing and your mind. Be still …. (Isaiah 46:10).

Step 2:  Connect by realizing whatever attributes God possesses are also within you. (Tehilla Lichtenstein)

Step 3:  Affirm the good you wish to experience by seeing it in your mind’s eye. Images are prayers.

Visualize the good expressed in this week’s Affirmation as being fully present in your life.

When you have moments of anxiety, trouble, or fear, return to the Affirmation.